Lawn Dressing

It happens to the greatest of us. In spite of your best efforts, some years, your lawn goes to absolute junk. A lot of times, things may look good in the spring, but as the heat of the summer sets in, you can be overwhelmed with problems. Weeds and fungus, and heat stress, can attack your lawn, and your sanity. As overpowering as this can be, there is an abundance of reason to be hopeful. The cooler weather is around the corner, and that means it’s the perfect time to top-dress your lawn. Dressing to your lawn, especially, is the best way to renovate your lawn. If you want your lawn lush, arrange an appointment with Instant lawn services in Sandton or Lawn dressing services in Sandton for getting benefits from our services. We are quite efficient with the service providing to the costumers given below;

  • We improve the soil of your lawn dressing that helps your lawn drainage problems.
  • Our labour is proficient in levelling the lawn
  • Renovate the distressed lawn
  • Breaks down thatch


Top-dressing addresses some common lawn problems, including:

  • Low spots due to rotting tree roots, settling after an underground pipe or cable installation, or erosion.
  • Uneven terrain caused by winter freezing and thawing, water runoff, tunnelling critters, or general soil was settling over time.
  • Compacted soil in high-traffic areas or low-lying places where water pools.
  • Bare spots from variations in soil texture and nutrients, heat, drought, or other environmental damage.
  • Depletion of nutrients due to leaching, neglect, or repeated use of chemical fertilizers

Instant lawn dressing in Sandton is providing you all the necessary services for your lawn dressing. To buy online our services, feel free to contact us to get benefits out of it.